Hey ho! My name is Magda and I'm a children's books illustrator, occasionally author. I live in London with my "familiars" - one middle aged bloke, two teenage (eye roll) girls, one big street dog from Cyprus and one scruffy looking canary bird who (almost) reacts to his name. Rollerblading and ice skating obsessed. Very bad with names, very good with faces. Too messy with paints, so pencils are my thing. Binge reading Elif Shafak at the moment (highly recommend!). Grew up on Astrid Lindgren's books and Polish comic book series - Gapiszon (Bohdan Butenko) and Kajko i Kokosz (Janusz Christa). Like drawing foxes, wolves, dogs, moody children, cheeky witches and rocks. Would like to make a book about a moose and a viking one day.



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